Digital work, framing conundrums, and watercolor practice

Digital work, framing conundrums, and watercolor practice

This past week was business-as-usual in both my day job and in the studio.  I spent a bit more time digitally editing my previous paintings in the blue theme and added a bit more to my abstract collection on Redbubble.  I also attended a craft show, "Crafty Bastards," in DC this past weekend where I got to see and meet a bunch of artists and buy some gifts for the holidays.  I also got to reunite with my Squam housemate Lisa, who was exhibiting her work for Red Staggerwing- She makes unique handbags and accessories that I absolutely love.  I bought a tote and wallet from her at Squam and they have both become indispensable- I take them everywhere and the tote is just the right size for commuting into the city.  Her website is make sure to check her line out! 


new paper

I’m also testing out some new watercolor paper.  After weeks of searching, I’ve discovered that the paper I was using for my work cannot easily be framed and does not fit in standard-sized mats.  For these pieces, I’m working on digital enhancements and plan to sell them as prints for now.  I’ve been asking a lot of other artists for help on this issue and they’ve provided me with some alternatives to standard framing that I might explore as well.   In the meantime, I am looking for art paper I enjoy using, holds water well, and can be framed or matted easily.  I’m experimenting with several sizes to see which type and size I like the most and will go from there. 

Lastly, I’m taking a class on Skillshare to work more on my precision techniques.  Below are some of my experiments, using Daniel Smith Watercolor in Coral Quinicridone and Cobalt Teal. 

Paper test- dreidels


Which Way?

Blue Swirls

Blue Bubbles

Click on these photos to visit the shops! 

Thanks for reading! Have a great week! 

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