I only started working with watercolor in 2017.  This is now my favorite medium to paint with!  Here's a selection of my watercolor work.  

Wild Monstera

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel!

Pumpkin Pie is My Favorite

Blue Bubbles- Mixed Media Watercolor with Alcohol Ink Spray

2 Leaves

One Fall Leaf

Oak Leaves Study- mixed media watercolor and neocolorII

Green Triangles- Watercolor with ink

Purple Diamonds- Watercolor and ink

Blue Gold Hills


Monstera Leaf Duo

Green Triangles Precision Study

Boho Feathers

Purple Moons

Purple Moons 2

2 Leaves

Pink Giraffes!

Pink Mounds

Green Ginkgo Leaves

Blue Bubbles

Oxford Commas

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