In Sickness and in Color

In Sickness and in Color

Hello my friends! 

The past two weeks have been a roller-coaster for our little family of three.  My son became very ill rapidly and I had to take him to the emergency room at 1am two Thursdays ago.  He was diagnosed with croup.  The next night his fever went up to 105 so we went back to the emergency room.  A few days later he still wasn’t better so we took him to the doctor, and the croup had turned into pneumonia.  Meanwhile, I started getting sick.  I ended up at the clinic bright and early Thanksgiving morning to be diagnosed with a severe ear infection.  I was prescribed antibiotics, which didn’t work, so I went back today to get a different antibiotic and the ear infection has spread to my sinuses to boot.  So, it’s not been a good time lately.  The good news is, my son is much better and now back at school, where he’s most happy.

new palette

color chart

When I wasn’t too sick to work, I managed to build a new watercolor palette.  My older palette from April had some colors that were too similar to each other so the mixes didn’t quite work as well as I wanted. Although I frequently make ‘mini palettes’ with 5 or so colors, I like to have a go-to master to work with so I can make the same colors again and again without much thought.  So here is my new palette. I added buff titanium, DS ultramarine blue, viridian, sap green, pyrolle scarlet, Utrecht cerulean blue pure, raw umber violet, mummy bauxite, and then combined Payne’s gray and Winsor & Newton Davy’s gray into one color.  The colors I kept from the previous palette were Hansa yellow light, phthalo blue GS, permanent alizarin crimson, quinicridone rose, and burnt sienna. For my “extras” I chose my favorite blue (Mayan Blue), shadow violet, lunar black, and moonglow.  All paint is Daniel Smith unless indicated otherwise.  I like how the colors came out but I’m not sure about the order in my palette- I should have put the reds, blues, and greens together and not spread them out so much.  I’m excited to do more work with this palette when I get better!

For Black Friday, I treated myself to something huge: a whole year of online art classes led by Lilla Rogers, an incredibly respected art agent in illustration. Chances are, you’ve probably seen her artists’ work on dozens of items and she regularly gets work for her artists from well-known buyers like Ikea, Anthropologie, Target, Crate and Barrel, along with dozens of others.  The year of art classes will allow me to delve deep into commercial illustration and help me professionalize my art.  In the package I purchased, I will be taking two introductory courses, then a course on home decor, a course on drawing faces, a course on income management, a course on children's book illustration, and a "bootcamp" course where I will have deadlines each week to submit illustration work based on a particular theme.  Each class has its own Facebook group so I’m already meeting other like-minded artists and hope to become part of a new supportive tribe of artists.  I'm impressed by the quality of the e-courses; in each module, there is so much information, videos, and they are organized very well for self-paced learning.  The first course I'm taking, Introduction 1, has five modules.  The first module is about the bolt fabric industry.  The assignment is to make a kitchen pattern using pasta and vintage pyrex "icons."  Icons are the main elements in an illustration; a 'motif' is a background pattern element.  Below are my sketches that I will piece together to make a pattern.  I'm going to use a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to do this; in the background I'm taking Skillshare courses on Illustrator since it's a new program for me.  I’ll be sure to share my final assignment once I’m finished with it! 

Due to my new investment, my work will probably focus on class themes for the duration of 2018.  I hope that you all will enjoy this new focus- I think it will be a lot of fun, challenging, and extremely interesting.  I would absolutely love your feedback when I post new work!  

pasta sketches

pasta words stamped

pasta sketches in color

pattern motifs

art board of pyrex "icons"

Below is my work of the past week.  Also, there is a sale on Redbubble for Studio Pouches, which are my best-selling item!  Make sure to sign up for redbubble so you can be notified of sales; I’m guessing that there will be a lot over the next month for the holidays.  The direct link to my shop page is here

Watercolor study: precision and water control with green

Color Crush Creative Palette featuring peacock colors- feathers in watercolor

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