Staffordshire Cats

Staffordshire Cats

This past week has been very busy for me because I've been preparing for the holidays.  I'm slowly working on my second assignment for my class, which is to design plates using Staffordshire Pottery as the main inspiration.  The plates are supposed to be the kind of decorative plates you see in Anthropology, Crate & Barrel, and Pier 1, to name a few.  This assignment is really testing my abilities, as my vision for what I want the plates to look like and my ability in Photoshop and Illustrator just don't match.  I'm continuing to self-teach myself both programs but I feel a long way toward mastery!  I have one illustration I'm happy with so far, and that's the cat below.  The cat was inspired by a ceramic statue I found on Pinterest.  There are other illustrations for the assignment, but I'm not quite ready to show them.  And then once I'm happy with the artwork, I need to design the plates themselves, so it's a complex project that's also fun to create.  It's also been fun to learn about the pottery itself; there's a wide variety of this pottery in different styles and palettes.  

Stay tuned for an update soon!  I hope your week is going well!  


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