Weekly round-up Nov 1- Nov 7th

Weekly round-up Nov 1- Nov 7th

Running and Art

This past week was busy with race preparation.  Sunday was the big day and it was an incredible experience!  I ran across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge along with thousands of others.  It was a cold, damp morning but the energy from the other runners kept me warm while I started my run.  I quickly got in the groove and pushed myself more than I have during training runs.  I'm not sure my exact results but I finished in about 1 hour 15 or so.  My husband and son were waiting for me at the finish line.  This year I've enjoyed the process of training much more than year's past.  Even more than the break running gives me, I'm feeling grateful that my body can allow me to challenge myself in this way and that my previous surgeries have allowed me to become stronger and more capable to pursue physical pursuits.  When I run, my mind clears enough to think big.  I often think of my next artwork, I overcome mental obstacles, and I work through problems.  It is an escape that I can't get anywhere else.  

In the studio I worked on a doodle-turned-painting of shells which I inversed in Photoshop to make the background black. I really like how it came out!  You can click on the product image to go directly to the merchandise line-up on the Redbubble site.  In the background I've also been playing with watercolor mixed with alcohol ink sprays, which make my work more abstracted and provides interesting contrasts to my detailed watercolor line work.  I've also been working on some holiday prints which you can find below by clicking on the holiday image.  I'm planning on adding more to this collection over the next month so please stay tuned to this blog for further announcements! 



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