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I’ve been painting and drawing since high school, when I attended San Francisco’s Academy of Art Summer Experience during my sophomore and junior year summers. I took courses in graphic design, oil still life, and drawing. I loved sitting in the studio and working with other young artists and learning from professionals. When the summers ended, and even though I loved art, I was encouraged to consider a “real major” instead. After bumbling around a bit I settled into a different path, which led me to travelling the world and earning degrees in Global Studies at California State University Monterey Bay and then a MA in TESOL at American University in Washington, DC. I became a high school and then university instructor for a few years and spent a year in Serbia as an English Language Fellow teaching at the University of Novi Sad. I came back from that experience and began my career at the U.S. Department of State, where I am currently a content manager and editor of English language materials for teachers and learners. This work complements my creative needs, as I’m able to design and edit work that will go out to large audiences.  At times, I even get a chance to leave the cubicle walls and travel to interesting places- most recently, Russia, Indonesia, and South Africa!

In my life as an artist, I’d been dormant for years, picking up knitting and other activities that do not involve large amounts of space. This changed when my husband, two dogs, and I moved to a single family home in the suburbs in Maryland to prepare for our adoption of a three-year-old boy from China. I now have a beautiful studio space that is starting to get a bit cramped but it has lots of natural light and is my space, all for art and creative making. Out came the big canvasses and an emergence of artistic activity! I began slowly, posting photos to my personal Instagram account, but then realized that maybe not all of audience wanted to see photos of my sketches and random art posts, so I opened another Instagram account, ArtByJacquie, which is probably how you found me here. Since then, my art has taken a slightly different direction into more abstract work in acrylic and graphic designs in watercolor. I used to only do still life and occasional landscapes, but I felt like I was missing what I love, which is color, and lots of it! When I play with paint on canvas and paper, hours can go by without me even noticing.

I have big plans for the future- I’d like to eventually build a carriage house on my property with studio, gallery, and classroom space- and keep on making. I want more space to do BIG work on huge canvases. I’d love to host art and paint nights for my local community and classes for young children just starting out.

For 2018, I'm taking a year-long illustration course through Lilla Rogers Studio's "Make Art That Sells" e-courses. I'm hoping to improve my portfolio by working on diverse projects that will showcase my artistic ability and creativity.  

You can subscribe to my blog, which is about these dreams- whether they pan out or not- and about my creative path while finding balance of being a mom, and artist, and having a career all at the same time.  

 Thanks for finding me, and please look for me on all the social sites too!


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Young Artist

Me in art class, around 1995.

Me today!

my dog

My constant companion in the studio